Welcome to Aylsham High Chemistry. GCSE chemistry revision. This site is intended to help Aylsham High School students with their Chemistry GCSE whether they are studying double award or the 3 separate sciences. Others are more than welcome to use and share the resources, please acknowledge AHS if doing so.

We study the Edexcel specification. Double Award specification link. Chemistry specification link.

We do not use exercise books in class. Each student is instead issued with workbooks. These are written for the specification and we have found them very successful at allowing students to maximise grades.

Each workbook contains all the questions, core knowledge and homework required to access all grades.

You can download workbooks here.

Revision is essential to maximising grades. Revision has 3 distinct stages:

  1. Summarise the course. We have done this for you by writing factual questions and answers for every point that needs learning. We call this summary, ‘core knowledge questions‘. All the core knowledge questions and answers are in the workbooks but you will also find a link to them in the menu above.
  2. You must learn the core knowledge off by heart! You cannot hope to get a grade you are proud of unless you do this. There are quite a lot of core knowledge questions and this may seem daunting, little and often is the best advice. Give the questions and answers to a friend, parent, brother or sister and get them to test you until you are perfect. The most successful students I teach do this.
  3. After learning the core knowledge it is just as essential to practise applying it to answering questions. There are loads of google form quizzes that you could try on several occasions on the menu above. The homework exercises in the workbooks are also great for this and on the run up to exam time we will do lots of past paper questions.